What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are often due to the development of a tear trough deformity. As we age we lose volume below the eye. This is mainly because the fat pad underneath degenerates and becomes smaller, and the skin thins and sinks back forming hollows.

What treatments are available?

In most case the best way to improve tear troughs is to inject dermal filler via a cannula into the tear trough. This is a very delicate area and it is important to use the correct product to replace volume. A hyaluronic acid filler of the appropriate type is the treatment of choice. Hyaluronic acid is a substance which occurs naturally in the body but in the case of fillers, it is in gel form rather than liquid. The hyaluronic acid filler which is used must be flexible enough to give a smooth appearance and avoid lumps.

The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes and is not painful (the filler contains local anaesthetic).

How long do results last?

Improvement can be seen immediately but sometimes with slight swelling and redness so the final appearance is best assessed after two weeks.

The correct hyaluronic acid filler will give results which last between 6 and 12 months.

These products are gradually broken down and absorbed by the body until they have disappeared. Importantly, they can also be broken down rapidly by injecting an enzyme into the area of filler (hyaluronidase) in cases where complications have occurred.


Who is the procedure suitable for?

This is an advanced dermal filler treatment and is not suitable for everyone. Before treatment you will need a consultation to establish that is appropriate, explain the treatment and ensure that there are no additional risk factors or complications.